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The drop shoulder yolk

The drop shoulder yolk is a good design with which to use a trimming material. Eyelet embroidery in combination with plain material makes simple but dressy blouse. Other combination may be worked out to suit the season and the individual

The Dolman Sleeve

The Dolman-Front, Kimono-Back Blouse  Another variation in the blouse is the combination of kimono back with dolman front. The back of the blouse and sleeve are cut in one piece, then seamed from low arms circle to shoulder neckline. Novel

making your own sewing patterns

Sewing patterns serve to be really useful when talking about sewing as these patterns not just save time and efforts, but are really helpful to prevent one from ruining the fabric. These patterns are available in plenty at the fabric

sketching in fashion designing

The fashion and design industry is all intimidating. For all those who hold interest in the field but do not have any sort of technical training, experience or formal education, designing clothes may seem to be a challenging task. But

Stitch and Rejoin-design possibilities

If you have to stitch two or more sections of a garment together to form a complete front or back unit, why not make decorative use of the parts and the seaming that joins them? Use every trick in the

Fabric Designer Tools

These are the essential tools used for stitching garments: Fabric-the designer’s medium. Scissors-to cut fabric. Tape measure-to measure patterns and fabric. Thread-to stitch fabric. Pins-to pin patterns to fabric, and pin seams together

The importance of having Designer knowledge

The Importance of Fabric to the Designer The designer is a fabric sculptor. Design students need to become experts in fabric. Choosing a suitable fabric for the design is one of the most important aspects of the design process. Fabric

A Midriff Yoke

Variations of this type of yoke are understandably popular. They are a great way to emphasize a slim midriff and small waist while retaining the shaping of the upper bodice. 1. On a bulging-block bodice, draw the yoke style line*

Dart Control Concealed in a Yoke Seam

The Skirt Yoke  1. Trace the skirt-front sloper. Cut out the tracing and the dart. Z. Draw the style line of the yoke and notch it. Extend the waist¬line dart to the yoke style line (Fig. 72a). 3.. Cut the

The Versatile Yoke

The yoke is a wonderful design device. Its seaming may conceal the dart control (Fig. 70a). Where there is no control it may simply divide a bodice or skirt into interesting areas (Fig. 70b). Often, it provides a smooth, trim