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Selecting an Overlock Sewing Machine

Overlock sewing machines will trim, stitch and overcast seams as they sew, and they sew faster than conventional sewing machines, up to 1,500 stitches per minute. Because of these features, an overlock can save time and give a professional appearance

African Prints

Polish Cotton African Prints African Blend Polish Cotton   Cotton Blend floral fabric Ship from Jamaica 60″  Wide Price: $8.00 per yard


Fabric Corner Pattern making now offers a fabric corner for dressmakers/seamstress to choose from a wide range of fabric for clothing and home décor, browse our selection of Silk Fabric, Designer Fabric, Woolen Fabrics, Home Decor Fabrics, Bridal Fabrics,  Designer

Pet Clothes Stores

Canines, felines, bovines, rodents- no matter what category and type of pet you own, no matter how many you own, there is a dress for each of them!  We are sure your pet must have brought much happiness and energy

Kitchen Items

Personalized Chef Aprons available in yellow, Pink, Blue, White, Green, Orange, Black Brown you can also order your Apron in a variety of Floral Fabric. Apron can be Personalized with your business name or Logo, just send us an e-mail

Hats – All Seasons

It is often found that caps and/or hats form a part of a dress code, or a uniform, and therefore must carry a certain logo on them to achieve an element of commonality. A wide range of embroidered hats adorned

Clothing Items

Embroidery prints, patterns and designs on clothes make for great outfits and apparels.  It is something that has traditionally been used across countries and cultures to adorn garments and create a sense of fine dressing.  Our site offers you the

Beach Wear

Going for a holiday to a sea shore? Let us help you make it better with our fabulous embroidery beach wear collection. The best thing about beaches is their typical gala atmosphere and the flamboyant display of color all around

Bags – All Seasons

A trendy bag is a major boost to anyone’s style statement, and that is why most of us are very choosy about the brand and the design of our bags and purses. In days when everyone is running behind buying

Baby Items

Personalize Embroidery Baby chemise – Sold by the dozen in a variety of Colors And personalized with your embroidery Baby Name ETC.   Personalized Embroidery Baby Bib Sold by the dozen, And personalized with your Baby name ETC. The fascination