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The Dolman Sleeve

The Dolman-Front, Kimono-Back Blouse  Another variation in the blouse is the combination of kimono back with dolman front. The back of the blouse and sleeve are cut in one piece, then seamed from low arms circle to shoulder neckline. Novel

Control Seam in a Two Piece Sleeve

The elbow dart control of a one-piece sleeve can be divided and shifted to the control seam of a two-piece sleeve. 1. Trace the sleeve sloper. Cut out the tracing and the dart. Shift some of the dart control to

Pattern Making E-book Sales

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How To Make One Gore Of A Four Gore

By shifting  the Waistline Control to the Hem of a Skirt 1.On the cut-out skirt-front sloper with the cut-out dart, 9raw a slash line from the dart point to the hemline parallel to the- center front 2. Draw several additional

Drafting the Dress Jacket

How to draft the jacket pattern 1) using the dress foundation to waistline only, trace front and back as indicated, having the shoulder touching at neckline and spreading shoulder edges 1” at armhole. slash waist dart between a and b;

Drafting Raglan

Foundation The following diagrams show how to draft the raglan sleeve Foundation, using the dress foundation pattern as a guide. 1) Trace front and back to waistline dress foundation only, placing pattern pieces shoulder to shoulder being . . .

Drafting Raglan Sleeves

STYLE 1 1) Use the raglan sleeve foundation pattern as a guide. For gathers at shoulder, draw a slash line on front, from shoulder to dart; then mark sections A and B. Slash; then close up front dart and spread for

Kimono Sleeve Draft

The following diagrams show how to draft the kimono sleeve, using the dress front, back and sleeve foundation pattern as a guide. 1) Chart shows front and back traced with shoulders even at neckline, and 1” apart at armhole. [for

Drafting Kimono Sleeve

Kimono Sleeve with Gusset Illustrations below show 2-piece kimono sleeve with gusset under the arm. This style sleeve is most suitable in heavier material, such as velveteen, woolen material, etc. A kimono sleeve with a gusset allows the arm to

Drafting Sleeves

3 STYLES Illustration shows sleeve gathered into a wristband, 1” wide. 1) Trace sleeve draft according to the outline of the draft HERE, diagram 6; then draft sleeve for this style 2 and 3) First trace front part of sleeve