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Pattern Making E-book Sales

Basic Guide to Pattern Making  (E-Book) $20.00 $17.50 This pattern making E-book is for all those who love to sew but don’t know where to start. With this e-book youwilllearn how to take measurement correctly, learn how to make the basic foundation

How to Sew a Comforter Cover

1) Press under 16″ (40.5 cm) across the lower edge of the back, right sides together. If using tapes or zipper, snip the fold to mark ends of closure. Stitch 3/4″ (2 cm) from the fold; backstitch at snips and

Comforter Cover

Change the look of a bed with a covered comforter. It can replace a top sheet and blanket, and the removable cover of the comforter makes laundering easy. Sew your own comforter, or use a purchased one of down or

Bed Fashions

Custom-made bed fashions such as comforters, comforter covers, pillow shams and dust ruffles can be ruffled or tailored to suit the decor. Chintzes, polished cottons and sateens are good choices for most bed coverings. Sheets are another practical fabric

Stitch and Rejoin-design possibilities

If you have to stitch two or more sections of a garment together to form a complete front or back unit, why not make decorative use of the parts and the seaming that joins them? Use every trick in the

The Contour Belt

The contour belt is really a very narrow hip yoke. 1. Trace the upper portion of the skirt-front and skirt-back slopers. Straighten the side seams (Fig. 77a). 2. Close the front, back, and side darts. Correct the waistline with a

Iridescent And Blue Bag With Beads

Materials Required: AMERICAN THREAD COMPANY “DE LUXE” QUALITY CROCHET COTTON, Article 346 3 balls each Iridescent No.88 3 balls National Blue No.18 and “STAR” RAYON CROCHET, Article 700 1 ball Buttercup 3 strands small wooden beads


Materials Required: AMERICAN THREAD COMPANY “STAR” BLEND YARN, Article 75 3 skeins Gray and “STAR” RAYON CROCHET, Article 700 2 balls Buttercup 4 metal tips (optional) Steel crochet hooks No.0 and No.1                

A Yoke that doesn’t quite make it

Here is a yoke that is cut only part way from the rest of the bodice. The pattern is all in one piece. The waistline dart control can be shifted all or in part to the partial yoke line. Like

Fabric Designer Tools

These are the essential tools used for stitching garments: Fabric-the designer’s medium. Scissors-to cut fabric. Tape measure-to measure patterns and fabric. Thread-to stitch fabric. Pins-to pin patterns to fabric, and pin seams together