Sleeve with dart control

1. On the cut-out sleeve sloper with the cut-out dart, locate the position of the new dart at the wrist. Mark point A one-third or one-fourth of the way up from the back underarm seam. 2. Draw a slash line from A to the elbow dart point (Fig. 47a). 3. Slash the new dart line. 4. Close PART of the elbow dart control. The remaining control is automatically shifted to the new wrist dart (Fig. 47b). 5. Trace the new pattern leaving the diminished elbow dart as a dart. Draw a new wrist line disregarding the wrist dart (Fig. 47c) . The wrist control appears as unstitched fullness. 6. Complete the pattern.

Sleeve with dart control-1This one-piece dress sleeve becomes the basis of the one-piece suit sleeve and the one-piece coat sleeve, both of which also require the ease provided by the unstitched fullness . The division of dart control need not be Limited to a two-way split. Dart control can be divided three ways, or four ways, or more. Theoretically, you could divide the control in many places around the perimeter of a sloper (Fig. 48). The question is, “Who would want to?” The resulting design would be pretty cluttered. {Credit} Design Your Own Dress Patterns Adele P. Margolis

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