Drafting High Cowl Neck Dress

high cowl-neck single drape-1

High Cowl Neck with Single Drape How to draft pattern

(style 1)

1) using the dress front and back as a guide, extend top of center front by drawing 1/2″ diagonal line as indicated; then draft new neckline. 2 and 3) draw curved slash line for cowl neck drape. mark sections a and b; then slash and spread, placing front along the squared lines as shown in diagram 3. 4) add 1” hem at front neck; then trace pattern for left and right side of front complete pattern by adding seams. front will drape more softly when cut on the bias.

high cowl neck with double drape–how to draft pattern

high cowl-neck single drape-2


(style 2)

1) follow directions given above for style 1, diagram 1. 2 and 3) for double drape, draw 2 curved slash lines as indicated. mark sections a-b-c; then slash along dotted lines, an make equal size spreads, placing front along the squared lines as shown in diagram 3. 4) complete pattern according to directions given above for style 1, diagram 4.

peter pan roll collar

high cowl-neck single drape-3

how to draft pattern (simplified method)

1) trace dress front and back foundation to waistline only. mark points a-b-c at shoulders as indicated. 2) to draft the roll-fitting collar with 1” stand at back, place back to front, even at neckline, and overlapping shoulders, 4” at armholes. (4 times the amount of the collar stand). for example: for a collar with 3/4″ stand at back, overlap shoulders, 3” at armholes; for 1/2″ stand, overlap 2” at armholes, etc. 3) to draft collar, first lower the collar neckline, 1/2″ at center front as indicated; then draft collar, 3-1/2” wide at center back, 3-1/4” at shoulders, and 3” at center front as illustrated. this includes allowance for the collar stand. 4) for button closing, add 3/4″ to center front; then draft facing as indicated, and trace front and facing in one. to complete the pattern, add seams.


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