Materials Required:


3 skeins Gray and

“STAR” RAYON CROCHET, Article 700 2 balls Buttercup

4 metal tips (optional)

Steel crochet hooks No.0 and No.1














No.0 hook ch 32, sc in 2nd st from hook, I sc in each remaining st of ch, ch I, turn.

2nd Row-1 sc in each sc, ch    1, turn. Repeat the last row

29 times.


sc in 1st sc (corner),1 sc in each of the next 29    sc, 3    sc in next

sc (corner), working along side of bottom, work 1    sc over side of each

of the next 29    rows,3 sc in last row (corner),    1 sc in each of the next 29 sts, 3 sc in last st (corner), I sc over side of the next     29 rows. Do not join or turn this or following rounds.

Next  9 Rounds-] sc in each sc, join last round, drop Gray.

When “STAR” RAYON CROCHET is used work with a double strand of thread and No.1    hook.

11th Round-Attach Buttercup in joining, ch4, tr c in sc before ch    4,` skip1sc, tr c in next sc, tr c in sc just skipped, repeat from* all around, join, drop Buttercup.

12th Round-With Gray work 1    sc in each trc.

13th Round-1    sc in each sc, join, drop Gray.

14th Round-Pick up Buttercup and work 2 sc in each sc,

join, drop Buttercup.

1 5th Round-With Gray, sc in joining, * skip 1    sc, sc in next sc, repeat from    * all around, join in    1 st sc, drop Gray.

16th Round-With Buttercup work in same manner as 11th


17th Round-With Gray work same as 12th round, drop

Gray. 18th Round-Work same as 14th round.

19th Round-Same as 15th round.

20th Round-Same as 13th round.

21st Round-Same as 11th round, cut Buttercup.

22nd Round-Same as 12th round, do not join or turn this

or this or following rounds. Work 17 more rounds in sc or until

upper section measures    8 inches from beginning.

Next Round-Ch 4, tr c in next sc,* ch 2, skip    2 sc, I tr c in each of the next    2 sc, repeat from * all around,

ending round with ch 2, join in 4th st of ch (beading).

Next Round-* In next ch 2 mesh, work I sc, 3 dc, I sc, repeat from * all around, join in I st sc, drop Gray.

Next Round-Attach Buttercup and work 2 sc in each st, drop Buttercup.

Next Round-Pick up Gray and work same as 15th round. Next Round Pick up Buttercup, * 2 sc in next sc, 2 s dc

in next sc (s : thread over hook, insert in st, pull loop

through, thread over and work off all loops at one time),

3 dc in next sc,2 sdc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc,

repeat from *all around, join in 1 st sc, cut thread.

HANDLE: With double strands of Gray, crochet 2 chains

about 1yd. long. Lace 1 chain through beading. Lace other

chain starting at opposite side. Finish with metal tips if

desired or sew ends together. Make a cardboard box to fit

bottom of bag, having the sides about 41/2 inches in height.

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