How to Draft the Slack Pants Pattern



1) A to B – Equals side length measurement.
A to C – Equals 6-3/4” for size 12
6-7/8” for size 14
7” for size 16 and up
C to D – Equals 1/4 of hip measurements plus 3/4″
for ease. Square this line across at C.
C to E – Same length as C to D. Extend line D-C to
E; then pivoting at D, draw an arc line above E.
A to F – Equals crotch depth measurement plus 1”
for ease. Mark point F on line A-B.
G to H – Equals hipline D-E. Draw line through F,
parallel to hipline D-E.
G to I – Square this line up at G through D, making this
line 1/2″ less than A to F.
H to J – Equals 1/2 of line F to H. Extend line G-H to J.
H to K – Equals 1/2 of line H to J.
K to L – Equals line G-I (center front) plus 2” for center
back line. Draw this line from K to L touching the outer
most curve of arc line.
G to M – Equals length from K to J.
G to N – Equals 1-1/2”. Draw a diagonal line; then draw a
curved line from D to M through N.
K to O – Equals 1-1/4”. Draw a curved line through O.
G to P – Equals length F to B. Square a line down at G.
K to Q – Equals length F to B. Square a line down at K.
P to Q – Connect for lower edge.
P to R – Equals 1/2 of line P to D.
R to S – Square a line across at R for knee line; then draw
slightly curved lines from M to R and J to S for inner leg seam.
B to T – Equals 1”—T to C – Connect.
2) Draw waistline slightly curved from I to A to L. Reduce waistline to fit 1/2 of waist measure. First make
part of reduction at sides and center front. Then make a dart in back and a pleat in front as follows:
C to U – Equals 1/2 of C to E.
L to V – Equals 1/2 of back waistline; then draw a V-shaped dart, 6” long.
D to W – Equals 1/2 of D to C.
I to X – Equals D to W; then draw a V-shaped dart.
3) For crease lines on front and back, divide the knee and lower lines in half; then draw crease lines from
bottom to hipline





















To complete the pattern, allow for seams and hem. Make corresponding notches. HOW TO TAKE MEASUREMENTS WAIST – Take snug measurement. HIP – 7” below waistline. CROTCH DEPTH – From waist to chair. SIDE LENGTH – From waist to ankle.










Corresponding Body Measurements



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