Drafting shorts Pattern




draft shorts pattern-11 Illustration shows plain shorts design with darts in back for close fitting waistline.

1) Using the slacks foundation as a guide, trace front and back to a little below the crotch depth, as shown by dotted lines. Instead of the 1/2″ pleat, ease at front waistline.

draft shorts pattern-2

2) For a slight additional flare at sides, add 1” to front and 1” to back at bottom to nothing at hip. For additional flare near inside leg seam, draw slash lines in front and back, 2” from seam and mark sections A, B, C and D; then slash and spread about 1” at bottom, as shown in diagram 3.

3) Straighten lower edge as shown by dotted lines.

Draw grain line arrows by squaring from hipline.

4) Add seams on all edges and ham at bottom; then make corresponding notches. 

draft shorts pattern-3



draft shorts pattern-4

STYLE 2 Sketch shows yoke in front with side pleats below yoke about 1-1/2” apart. Back is same as in style 1.

1) Use shorts front of style 1, shown above in diagram 3, as a guide. Draw yoke line slightly curved, as illustrated.

2) Separate yoke and front section; then draw pleat lines, squaring then from bottom. Mark sections A, B and C.

3) Slash along pleat lines and spread about 2” for each pleat.

4) Allow for seams and hem, as shown by dotted lines. Designate the width of pleats with notches.

Place center front of yoke on fold of material


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