Drafting the One-Piece Dress Sleeve

The illustrations show how to take the following arm measurements:



1. Underarm length – from armhole to wrist.

2. Arm circumference – a little below armhole.

3. Elbow circumference – with arm bent up.

4. Over arm length – from shoulder to wrist.

5. Wrist circumference – a loose measurement.

How to draft the sleeve foundation sizes 12 to 20

The sleeve draft provides for a 2”, minimum ease allowance around the arm at muscle.

For example: if arm measurement is 11” for size 16 make sleeve pattern 13” wide, or 6-1/2” from D to E. When drafting the sleeve, line A-B should be directly in center of draft


K to N – Equals 1/2 of line K-M.

D to R – Equals 1/2 of D-C. K to O – Equals 1/4 of line K to M.

M to S – Equals 1/2 of M-E, less 1/2″. M to P – Equals 1/4 of line K-M.

C to T – 1” K to Q – Equals 1/2 of K-D.

Draw the guide lines from O to Q to R for front of sleeve; for back of sleeve, from P to S to T.


For top of cap, draw a curved line from S to N to Q; for bottom of cap. From Q to A to S

draft onepiece dress sleeve 3


Shape the draft of sleeve as follows: J to U – 1/2″. U to G – Connect U to V – Equals 1/2 of wrist measure.

Draw this line 3-1/2” long for size 16, with 1/8” grade for each size, bringing point V, about 3/4″ below line J-L. V to H – Connect.

V to W – Equals 1/2 of line U to V. W to F – Connect. 4)

To complete the sleeve, fold drafting paper on line Q-G, and trace from Q to A to F; then open paper and fold again on line G-U, and trace from F to W to U. 5 and 6)

Repeat process for tracing back of sleeve as, then convert the extra length at elbow [about 1-1/4”] by making a V-shaped dart about 3” long for size 16 [with 1/8” grade for each size].

To complete sleeve pattern, allow seams.

draft onepiece dress sleeve 5


The feature of this sleeve is that it is slightly more shaped than the sleeve with the single elbow dart. 1) For the 3 elbow darts, add 1” to back edge of sleeve by slashing along the elbow line, from back to front, and spreading 1” at elbow. 2) Plan the 3 darts by first drafting the center dart, 3/4″ x 2-1/2”. Then draft the other 2 darts, one above, and the other below the center dart,.

draft onepiece dress sleeve 1
draft onepiece dress sleeve-4


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