How to Draft the Circular Skirt

draft circular skirt-1Illustration shows a 2-piece circular skirt with the fullness all around. The skirt is so circular that center front and center back of skirt is on the crosswise and the side seams are lengthwise as shown in the cutting layout below (diagram 4).

1) To draft the skirt, use the plain 2-piece skirt foundation as a guide. Trace outline of front and back, but continue side seam lines straight to the top as shown

Divide each skirt section into 3 equal parts, and mark sections A to F; then reduce at waistline by drawing V-shaped lines from waist to hipline as indicated.

2) Reduce waistline in front by bringing sections A, B and C together above the hipline and spreading below hip as illustrated. Repeat process for back of skirt.

3) For addition fullness at lower edge, make slashes in skirt front from hip to waistline; then spread, placing sections A and C against the square as indicated.

Repeat process for skirt back. Draw circular lines for bottom of skirt.

For waistband, make a double band 1 – 1/2 wide finished and the length of waist measure, plus 3/4” extension for left side opening.

To complete pattern, add seams on all sewing edges, and add a narrow hem at lower edge.

draft circular skirt-4

draft circular skirt-2

draft circular skirt-5

Diagram shows the cutting layout for the skirt.

draft circular skirt-3

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