How to Draft the Circular Flounce

A. Trace two-dart fitted front and back skirt. B. Draw in desired flounce style line on front and back skirts. Allow side seam flare (///: 1⁄2”) at the flounce level of front and back. Blend a new side seam to hipline, and continue 1⁄2” to hemlines.

C. Divide flounce front and back, into three equal sections. Number sections and indicate cross marks as illustrated. Separate flounce sections from skirt.

D. Re-shape waistline for a partial yoke by first folding skirt at dart points and then folding darts closed.
E. Draw desired style line and cut through partial yoke seam. Unfold skirt section leaving darts closed in yoke. The lower portion of front darts
will be used for gathers.
F. Seam allowance is added to inside of partial yoke (see enlarged diagram below).


A. Square a right angle on paper. Place first section against vertical line and label it CENTER FRONT.
B. Spread remaining sections evenly until center back of last section touches other side of right angle, thus creating a half-circle flounce when cut on fold.

Waistline finish – The waistline may be finished with a shaped facing.

draft circular flounce-2

draft circular flounce-1

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