How to Draft the Circular Cape

Illustrations below show plain 2-piece circular cape about 3/4 length, 40” from back of neck to bottom. draft cape, using the fitted front and back of waist as a guide, as follows: 1) a to b – square line across, from center back to armhole c to d – draw line from armhole to center front, parallel to waistline 2) place front and back so that shoulder meet at armhole, having the space between b and c half of a to b [this space represents the minimum amount for any style cape]. draw slightly curved line between b and c.3) E to F – Represents required cape length at center back [40” for this draft]. D to G – Equals A to F H – Center between B and C. I to J – Draw line through H, making H to J equal A to F.  F to G – Draw circular line through J, [This line is parallel to line A to B to H to C to D].4) For a cape less circular at lower edge, reduce at J to nothing at H on front and back as shown on the inside dotted lines. For additional fullness in cape, add at J to nothing at shoulder point I, as shown by the outside dotted lines.

draft circular cape-3 draft circular cape-4 draft circular cape-1 draft circular cape-2

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