Draft of the Bra Pattern

draft bra pattern-1

Bra Pattern Style 1-C-CUP 1 and 2 Using the dress foundation to waist line only, close up the side dart in front; then reduce width of front at side seam by dotted lines in diagram 2. 3) Reduce width of back at side seam; then draft bra front and back as shown by dotted lines. Shift side seam, 1-1/2” forward, and mark sections A-B-C; then combine them as shown in diagram 4. Make shoulder straps 1/2″ wide.


draft bra pattern-4

Draft front band as indicated and mark sections D and E; then, for closer fit at lower part of front and band, make waist dart, 1” wider [1/2” on each side of dart] as shown by dotted lines.

Separate the band from front; then combine section D and E as shown in diagram 5. [Triangular inset at side of band may be made of elastic, to revive the lower edge stain, when breathing].

Join front and back shoulder straps, adding 2” for adjustment; then make strap double, as shown in diagram 5.

5 For 2-piece front, draw seam line across, from center of side seam to the middle of center front line; then separate as shown in diagram 6.
6 and 7 For 1” extra length over the bust, add 1/2″ to each front section at breast point, to nothing at front and side edges as shown by dotted lines.

For closer fit at upper edge of front, make reduction in 2 places as indicated. Mark sections F-G-H-I-J; then close up the upper and lower front sections as shown in diagram 7. 8 To complete pattern, add seams and make matching

draft bra pattern-2



For the B-CUP BRA, shorten back, 1/2″ at side seam [1/4” at point A and 1/4″ at point C, to nothing at points B and D]; then make front sections, 1/2″ shorter [1/4” at each seam] between points E-F and G-H as shown by dotted lines.

For the A-CUP BRA, shorten back and front sections, twice the amount described above for the B-CUP BRA. For the figure with prominent bust, [usually required the D-CUP BRA], lengthen instead shorten, the same amount and in the same area, as described above for the B-CUP BRA.

draft bra pattern-3

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