Definitions of Fashion Terms

Basic Pattern, Sloper, Block Used interchangeably to mean a pattern that serves as a basis for other
patterns. It is manipulated and traced, or copied and cut apart, observing
specific rules, without changing the original fit of the pattern.
Master Pattern A pattern developed from a Basic Pattern for a frequently used style. It has
no seam allowances or style details. These patterns save design time.
Styled Pattern A complete pattern for a specific garment with all its style details. Seam
allowances can be added, if desired.
Production Pattern The complete patterns for an entire size range. All details are noted on the
pattern. It has seam allowances.
Hip Level Line A line parallel to the floor on front and back skirt patterns.
Torso Line A line 3–4 inches below the waist, parallel to the Hip Level Line on skirt
front only. It is an indicator to keep the skirt “easy” from waist to hip.
Armscye, Armhole An opening in a bodice into which a sleeve may be inserted.
Scye Line A line on front and back Basic Bodice Patterns. It is squared from the
center lines and touches the base of the Armscye.
Chest Line A line 1winches above the Scye Line on Basic Bodice Patterns. It is the
location for measurements of width across the back and across the chest.
Legs of a Dart The two lines making up a dart.
Style Line of a dart or seam The line nearest the Center Front or Center Back. It is the dominant visual
line in the garment. The second dart leg or seam is the Secondary Line.
Waist Reduction The amount by which a pattern must be made smaller to fit the waistline.
Sweep The width of a skirt at the hem, frequently applied to flared skirts.
Sleeve Cap The part of the sleeve that is inserted into the armhole.

Shoulder Point
Side Neck Point
Side Waist Point
Underarm Point

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