Drafting Collar and Vest

Collar and Vest in One

collar vest-1

2 styles style 1

the collar has a 1” stand at center back. the vest is double breasted, and is part of the garment. using the fitted waist foundation as a guide,  draft collar and vest as follows:

1 and 2) first cut away a section of the front which is to become part of the vest, draft vest 4” wide to a point 5” above the squared outline’ then draw rolling line to shoulder.

collar vest-2

3) fold paper on rolling line and trace vest section.

4 and 5) draft back of collar, using the method as given for the roll collar.

6 and 7) cut out back collar section and apply to front with shoulder lines touching, bringing edge of collar 2-1/2” from armhole. then draw a curved line from neck of collar to vest,

7 ) draw a curved line for the front of collar.

8 ) diagram shows vest and collar in one, completed. seams are to be allowed.

collar vest-4

style 2 This vest meets at center front, and fastens with buttons and loops. vest is held at waistline with an elastic belt. collar rolls in back with a 1” stand. it is a detachable collar and vest style which may be worn with a jacket.

1) first draw a v-neneckline4” deep; then draft the vest 4” wide and 1” below waistline.

collar vest-5

2) trace vest as shown by dotted lines.

3 and 4) draft back of collar and apply to front shoulder, as described above for vest style 1; then draft front of collar. seams are to be allowed so that collar and vest may be faced.

    collar vest-3


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