Drafting Coat

Coat with Flared Back 2 styles [how to draft coat, sleeve and collar – part 1] coat features 4-piece flared back, 2-piece sleeve, convertible collar, and patch pocket with flap. Draft of coat [style 1] 1) using the coat foundation as a guide, mark shoulder dart on front; then slash and spread, forming straight center front line as shown in diagram 2. 2) deepen armhole and front of neck, 1/2″. divide back into 2 parts, drawing a line parallel to center back line, measuring from top of slash to bottom.3) Draft coat the required length, making allowance for the back flare at each seam as shown by dotted line, starting the flare, 7” from neck. Add to sides as shown; then add extension beyond center front for button closing. Draw slightly curved lines at bottom.

4, 5 and 6 Draft facing as indicated; then trace to make front and facing in one section, add hem at bottom. Draft pocket and flap, making flap 1/2″ wider at bottom. Make flap and facing in one section; then add 1” wide hem at top. Add seams on coat, pocket and flap.

coat flared-3 coat flared-4 coat flared-5 coat flared-6 coat flared-1 coat flared-2

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