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Drafting Coat with Shawl Collar

2 styles shawl collar with darts in back illustration shows collar with a 3” stand in back. the darts in back cause the collar to stand away from the neck. this is necessary because of the high stand. 1 and

Drafting Coat with Collar

2 styles coat with deep notch collar        Illustrations show that coat with a wider collar than the regular notch collar. the collar has a 1-1/2” stand at center back; 1” stand at shoulder. 1) back of collar a

Drafting High Cowl Neck Dress

High Cowl Neck with Single Drape How to draft pattern (style 1) 1) using the dress front and back as a guide, extend top of center front by drawing 1/2″ diagonal line as indicated; then draft new neckline. 2 and

Drafting Collars

Wide Roll-Fitting Collars 3 styles – (simplified method) How to draft pattern  style 1 1 and 2) for double breasted front, extend width of lower part of front; then lower the neckline (for stand-away collar). mark points a-b-c at shoulders.

Drafting Raglan

Foundation The following diagrams show how to draft the raglan sleeve Foundation, using the dress foundation pattern as a guide. 1) Trace front and back to waistline dress foundation only, placing pattern pieces shoulder to shoulder being . . .

Drafting Raglan Sleeves

STYLE 1 1) Use the raglan sleeve foundation pattern as a guide. For gathers at shoulder, draw a slash line on front, from shoulder to dart; then mark sections A and B. Slash; then close up front dart and spread for

Kimono Sleeve Draft

The following diagrams show how to draft the kimono sleeve, using the dress front, back and sleeve foundation pattern as a guide. 1) Chart shows front and back traced with shoulders even at neckline, and 1” apart at armhole. [for

Drafting Kimono Sleeve

Kimono Sleeve with Gusset Illustrations below show 2-piece kimono sleeve with gusset under the arm. This style sleeve is most suitable in heavier material, such as velveteen, woolen material, etc. A kimono sleeve with a gusset allows the arm to

Drafting Sleeves

3 STYLES Illustration shows sleeve gathered into a wristband, 1” wide. 1) Trace sleeve draft according to the outline of the draft HERE, diagram 6; then draft sleeve for this style 2 and 3) First trace front part of sleeve

Drafting Wing Sleeve

Deep Aarmhole Sleeves style 2 STYLES [WING SLEEVE DESIGNS] STYLE 1 This style features a 3-1/2” deeper armhole sleeve. Front has diagonal side dart. 1) Draft deeper armhole and wider shoulder as indicated. Draft side dart line; then mark sections